This blockchain game is made for those who want to earn money in the blockchain universe. CEO of Bunicorn is from Vietnam, he’d like to follow the strategy that Axie Infinity has taken and develop the game in simple for people to earn money in the game easily.

My personal…

What’s StarAtlas and why StarAltas is so popular?

StarAtlas is the most popular NFT Game project on Solana. Unlike other NFT Game projects, this game is built by Unreal Engine 5(the latest version of UE). It’s expected to provide us real-world experience on its universe. More important thing in StarAtlas is they’re hiring economist for developing Play2Earn model…

New UI/UX of Tonstarter website

I am one of Korean investors who love to find the hidden crypto projects. I believe the crypto markets have serious information asymmetry from country to country. Even there is a good project in one country, people in other countries may not know how good the project is due to…

투자를 권유하는 글을 쓰는 것은 아니고, 어떤 기준과 어떤 아이디어로 현재의 투자 포트폴리오를 구성하게 되었는지를 기술하려고 합니다.

2021년 7월, 제가 부동산과 주식 그리고 코인에 대한 관심이 매우 높습니다. 각각 어떤 것을 투자하였는지와 현재 투자대상으로 탐색하고 있는 물건들 그리고 투자는 하지 않았지만 아이디어 차원에서 연구해볼 만한 대상들을 같이 공유하여 드리겠습니다.

Greg Hong


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