StarAltas IDOs is coming soon

What’s StarAtlas and why StarAltas is so popular?

StarAtlas is the most popular NFT Game project on Solana. Unlike other NFT Game projects, this game is built by Unreal Engine 5(the latest version of UE). It’s expected to provide us real-world experience on its universe. More important thing in StarAtlas is they’re hiring economist for developing Play2Earn model. CEO of StarAtlas also has financial career background(he is CFA charter, which is well-known certification in the financial industry) What’s expected on StarAltas is participants could make money on the metaverse economy and be able to convert its in-game currency into USD dollars soon. Somebody who wouldn’t want to play in the universe could be able to lend its digital assets to those who want to play the game and pay back its lease fee. We may see new jobs called Game-miners who earn its in-game currency by playing the game on the game universe. I think StarAtlas is really being well-built with long-term perspectives for building economy on its own universe.

How to participate IDOs?

  1. Apollo-X
  2. Raydium
  3. FTX